Saturday, July 27, 2013

A printed summer

It’s finally summer!! (I say finally because in my sweet city that is called Montreal, it has pretty much been rainy and cold until about last week.)  My summer favorites right now are printed ANYTHING. Many people have been talking about printed trousers, but I really like any pieces of printed clothes. I feel that printed clothes bring sunshine and summer feelings.  It’s the kind of moment that you pretty much can get away with a whole entire printed outfit (though, be careful with that, you have to know what you are doing).  For those of you who are not so reckless, I’ve chosen couple of my favorite printed items (most of them at quite low prices) that you can match with plain items.  For example, you can wear printed trousers with a pretty white t-shirt or a printed blouse with a simple pleated skirt.  Printed items allow you that have a lot of style, but they create still very simple outfits.  As I said earlier, you can also mix prints, but that can be a little bit tricky and I don’t really recommend it for an everyday look.  Though, it can be very beautiful for a classy and stylish evening.  You can find a printed suit or maxi dress or even mix a printed top with printed trousers like this simple look from Forever 21:

Printed items appeared in many fashion shows from both spring and winter.  So yes its summer, but printed clothes are good investments because they will still be trendy during the winter!  Here are some examples that I found in different shows from different houses:

                                                 Chanel ready to wear spring/summer 2013

This is a good example of how to wear a complete printed outfit. 

                                                 Gucci ready to wear spring/summer 2013

                                                Miu miu ready to wear spring/summer 2013

                                              Valentino ready to wear spring/summer 2013

                                     Marc by Marc Jacobs ready to wear fall/ winter 2013

                                      Louis Vuitton ready to wear fall/winter 2013 

                                            Oscar de la Renta ready to wear spring 2013

The wonderful thing about printed clothes is that there is a throng of possibilities: you can choose a printed short, blouse, sweater, t-shirt, maxi or mini dress or skirt, trousers and even suits.  Also, the wonderful thing about them is that everybody can find an item that fits them well in pretty much any colour or shape. It’s the kind of trend that fits everybody and not just the very skinny models. So go ahead, don’t be scared and add some prints to your closet and they’ll add style to your outfits. Find a print that you like on an item that you like and that fits you well and your life will just be much fun!

Itemfrom Forever 21

Items from Zara  


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