Saturday, July 27, 2013

A royal style

A couple of weeks ago, I went to the museum to see an exhibition on one of the most important fashion icon of all time: Grace Kelly. It was mostly based on her dressing, accessories and on her clothes.  She was a fabulous woman who had a timeless style.   The exhibition showed about 40 of her dresses that were all brilliantly beautiful.  I felt that even though all those dresses were marvelous, it was when she wore them that they became alive.  Her style and her grace (her name fitting her perfectly) was what made her the fashion icon she is today.
Throughout her life, the princess and the actress wore Chanel tailored suits made by Coco Chanel herself, dresses made by Yves St-Laurent, Christian Dior and Marc Bohan (for Dior).  The dress she wore when she won the Oscar for best Actress in 1955, an Edith Head dress, is still today considered as one of the most beautiful dress that was worn at the Academy Awards.  Let’s not forget her wedding dress, that was created by Helen Rose from the MGM studios and that is still considered one of the most beautiful wedding gowns of all time.
I knew Grace Kelly before the exhibit, although I feel that it really showed me how much this woman was, adding to the fact that she was a mother, a princess and an actress, a real fashion icon, because her style is timeless.  She is today an icon because she had her own style that is still today considered brilliant.  She wore clothes like nobody else because she brought them to life.  She should be every fashionista’s queen, mostly because I think that she wasn’t a fashionista.  She had style and she didn’t follow trends, it’s her entire self that made her fabulous, and not the dresses or the clothes she wore.
A Dior dress

Her wedding dress


An Yves Saint Laurent dress

Tailored suit from Chanel

The dress she wore when she won an Oscar

I took the last picture with my cellphone, so I apologizes for the bad quality.


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