Sunday, June 15, 2014

Alan Ta: a young fashion designer you should discover

He is a young designer who gets inspirations from gardens, sceneries, music as well as his moods.  He looks up to Valentino and Yves Saint Laurent to create because "their simplicity compliment the women."  How to describe Alan Ta? Ambitious, perfectionist and humble.

"The three words I put in my head when I design are simplicity, elegance and classy," says the young Alan Ta who wasn't destined to become a fashion designer. He moved from Vietnam to Canada in 2006 as an international student and pursued college in pharmaceutical.  It’s only after working in an hospital for three months that he realized his place was somewhere else.

Whilst working as a personal shopper, Alan Ta often couldn’t find what his customers were looking for.  He had been sketching just for fun for a while, but the idea that he could create clothes slowly started to grow.

Just Ta Designs was first created as the designer graduated from fashion design at College Lasalle. After showing his work from school on Facebook, Ta grew a great fan page.  People from all around the world have shown interest in what he was doing.

The fabrics he uses show a great variety due the fact that his mom send him many materials from Vietnam.  Because he doesn’t want to spend too much time on the same pieces, he will only look at how the fabric flows and covers the body to create unique pieces : "Sometimes I don’t even sketch."

Even if the fashion industry is hard in Montreal, due to, according to Ta, the lack of buyers, the designer is still very ambitious.  Even at such an early stage of his career, Ta has many projects in head for the future.  He is thinking about not only having a fashion house, but also becoming a promoter for young talents. The website will be soon launch and it aims to be a platform for promotions.

Ta considers himself very lucky because he has the chance of having a small team of volunteers to help him.  Some people are taking care of the public image of the early brand whilst other are managing the marketing side or the human resources: "Those people, they know what they are doing and they know what I can do," says the designer. 

On June 28th, the designer will show what he can offer during a fashion show held at the Habitat nightclub in Montreal.  We can expect sexiness, but always in classy way for this evening wear collection.  He tries to create conservative pieces with a touch of sexiness through cutouts or open-backs. His goal when creating is to make customers feel comfortable and confident in clothes that flatter their silhouettes.

Tickets are available for 20$ if you want to discover the world of Just Ta Designs and attend the fashion show.


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